Big Law Is Not The Answer

Posted on February 20, 2015
by Kim J. Trout

There’s a new paradigm in the delivery of quality legal services: Mahogany Not Required, or “MNR.”  

Since the advent of BigLaw, and the expansion of large law firms across the land, their projected mantra is that for the best representation, BigLaw is the only solution.


There is a growing body of business professionals that have learned, with a genuine focus on quality and efficiency, where mahogany is no longer required. Business are finding small firms and solo practitioners focus on quality and efficiency with skilled, experienced, lean, problem solvers.  These talented legal professionals utilizing technology and outsourced consulting services can, and do, deliver exceptional legal services at a significantly reduced cost.


Business professionals are no longer willing to pay for a partner, associate(s), paralegals, and affiliated staff to attend a hearing that a single qualified attorney can handle efficiently. Likewise, business professionals are no longer willing to pay for the top floor mahogany board-room approach to legal services.


In a recent survey by AdvanceLaw ( General Counsel from 88 major companies were surveyed regarding their current perception of BigLaw. As published in the Harvard Business Review, the results of the survey overwhelmingly demonstrates that BigLaw has drawn a well earned reputation for charging a premium of 30% more than similarly qualified small firm practitioners.  The same survey revealed that top talent working outside of BigLaw, are far more responsive, efficient, and delivers the same levels of expertise and quality.


This new paradigm in the delivery of legal services is a reflection, not only by the AdvanceLaw survey, but also by the proliferation of tools which have leveled the field in high stakes-complex legal issues.


Exceptional litigation services provided by small and solo practitioners begin with a close direct relationship and the use of new technology using cost effective practice management and trial presentation tools.  This allows the solo practitioner to deliver the same level of service as the BigLaw staff of lawyers, associates, paralegals and staff.


Trout Law utilizes current technology to deliver every component of legal service, including litigation and alternative dispute resolution for clients across the region. In addition, we have developed tools for complex case analysis to effectively guide the competent exercise of business judgment.


For more information on the techniques and tools, contact Trout Law. Trout Law is the way to win from the start.

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