The ‘New World’ of Alternative Dispute Resolution

Posted on February 17, 2014
by Kim J. Trout

Just as poetry can open new worlds of view and thought, Alternative Dispute Resolution (“ADR”) is opening a new world of intelligent, efficient, and effective problem solving.

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The New World of ADR

The world of business and commercial transactions has become more complex, and in response, legal services have become more complex.  This increasing complexity includes added expense and time, resulting in intelligent people asking: “Is there a better way?”  Disputes happen, and unresolved disputes are a major distraction from daily business demands.   The unmeasured loss of productivity accompanying the dispute impacts not only the normal business demands, but also in ways that are unobservable.  It is important to seriously review the full cost of these distractions.

At Trout Law we have initiated a new, proactive approach to the dispute resolution dilemma. With careful consideration to the dynamics of the dispute, we pro-actively seek to position the matter for successful mediation. The goal is simple: We seek to place you directly into the resolution process.

The legal system has become burdened by delay and increasing costs. These impediments have eroded the public’s confidence and bring into question the system’s ability to solve disputes.

We’ve listened carefully to our clients and our business partners: The path to problem solving can be improved by proactive mediation solutions. At Trout Law our wisdom gained from years of successful litigation and mediation allows us to identify the right combinations to bring a highly integrated and focused approach to the mediation process.

Issue identification, focused research, and thorough preparation allow implementation of our proprietary system of Outcome Analysis© to guide in decision making.

Now is the time to take the steps to better results.  “Right.  Right from the start.”


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